About the project Christmas Together

This Christmas Together is a short project to celebrate Xmas traditions among different schools from Europe. 
The students will express their creativity designing Xmas handmade cards, they will improve social and civic skills learning new traditions from European countries, they will also improve digital competences and communication in foreign languages.


-Encourage students to discover new languages and communicate in foreign languages;
-Raise awareness of the cultural differences and similarities among countries;
-Increase cooperation and inclusion among students; 
-Encourage learning to learn (being able to deal with obstacles when the students work with their peers in class and in European team; being responsible for their own learning);
-Improve digital competences/skills.


The activities are for students from 5 to 15-16 years old.
End of October-First days of November: partner research, emails contact with partners, registration of the project;
Mid November-Mid December: activities in each school;
5/10 December: sending Christmas cards to the schools by traditional post;
January: some weeks to complete the tasks, upload the activities in the etwinning space.
The students should:
-Briefly introduce their school, town/city choosing among word document, images, video, posters with collage of photos, powerpoint presentation, padlet (every school will choose the best tool of writing for students);
-Design s handmade Christmas cards and write a good wish for their new friends and a Dream for peaceful living (in English and in native language); each school send by post at least two cards to all the schools involved in the project;
-Briefly describe typical Christmas traditions;
-Describe a character, linked to Christmas, that children like most (Father Christm


The students' creations (the cards received) will be exhibited in a school area.
We will create a Twinspace and we will publish photos, ecards, documents in the Twinspace from the activities of the students and of the exhibitions in every school. We will also post some pictures in the school site.